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Nate is a talented and experienced studio producer/engineer/musician. He worked for 6 years in Nashville, TN producing, recording and playing.

Some of his clients include, Sweetwater, Johnny Hiland, and Tim Montana, to name a few. His recently completed renovations on his production studio,  which utilizes state of the art recording equipment and techniques. 

He has worked with Symphonox Productions for the last 4 years.

Below are some samples of his work.

Kelly has been a violinist and singer for many years. Kelly has the unique ability to take a melody and create wonderful arrangements for the violin. In 2013 she signed a record contract with the Tate Music Group (TMG). She is part of the Ron and Kelly duo and recently produced and recorded "Vision of the Ages", her first studio album with the duo. As a soprano, she has a crystal clear singing style, which

works well for a variety of genres.

Below are samples of her work.

In 2010 Ron Ochs  launched Symphonox Productions.  He brings years of performance experience as well the ability to work with other musicians and artists.

Ron holds a B.A. in Piano Performance from Southern Oregon University and a Piano Technology degree . He is also currently  employed  as a pianist for the Tony Award- winning  Oregon Shakespeare Festival, in their 2016 production of Twelfth Night.  Ron received  positive reviews from the Wall Street Journal through his involvement with the festival inMy Fair Lady  2013.

He has been the arranger/orchestrator for Katie Harman, soprano, Miss America 2002, and arranged and recorded a 9/11 tribute for the 2015 Miss America Pageant in Atlantic City, sung by Katie Harman.

Ron is also part of Ron and Kelly, a piano/violin duo that performs and records regularly.  In 2013 Ron and Kelly signed a record contract with the Tate Music Group (TMG). which is currently promoting their 'Vision of the Ages' ​ CD.

 As music director at Trinity Presbyterian Church, Ron directs the choir as well as composes and arranges music. Ron continues to provide organizations as well as individuals with quality compositions and recordings, whether it be for film, video games or other uses.

Nate mason,  ​Recording Engineer/Drummer

Ron Ochs, ​Producer / Pianist