• Demo recording and production - We can take your melody or lyrics and turn them                                                                                                                              into  a radio ready song.

  • Recording - If you would like to take your song to the next level. We can provide a full line of recording services.


  • Custom orchestrationFrom a small ensemble to an epic orchestra sound. We can arrange and record

                                                     custom tracks for you.

  • Custom solo to orchestral scores- We can compose a custom score for you no matter the size of the ensemble.
  • Audio to MIDI conversion 
  • MIDI to Audio conversion
  • Sheet music production - If you have a handwritten score that needs editing and cleaning up, or you would like a song                                               written to your specifications, we can generate a ​publishable copy either in PDF, Sibelius or                                                   Finale formats.

  • Music TranscriptionWe can provide you with a sheet music score of an audio recording, whether it be a solo                                                       instrument  or full orchestra.

  • Backing TracksWe can record a variety of  custom backing tracks.

  • Film/TV/ Commercial Scores 

  • Custom Performances If you need a solo pianist or piano and violin duo. We do custom performances for many

                                                      different types of functions and events.


Ron is one of the best for orchestral sounding music and piano arrangement. He's very knowledgeable and experienced. I highly recommend him!

Gail, Great Rays Entertainment, Florida

Here are some of the services we provide.  

Please contact us directly for a custom quote.